Friday, March 12, 2010

TwiceToddlers are Dressing Mommy

Since Wednesday, my twins have decided to dress Mommy. That is, they are picking out a top, or blouse, for Mommy to wear. One of my twins will open my closet door, look at the tops which hang in my closet, take it out and say, "Here, wear this." If it is going to be a short sleeve shirt or top, I say, "No, not right now. Pick something with longer sleeves." So, they put it back and look for something with long or longer sleeves for me to wear.

Twin "B" loves blue. This Wednesday, she picked out her favorite top for me to wear. It is one by Roxy, which is a teal blue, 3/4 length sleeves and a hoodie. Twin "B" has always loved this color and always wants me to wear this top.

Yesterday, Twin "A" picked out a blue shirt for me to wear also. That too was 3/4 length and today, they picked out a summer 3/4 length top I wear which is red and white striped with blue trimming around the sleeves, neckline and blue string which can be made into a bow tie.

Silly girls....I do call them my little "Fashionista's"..and they are...

Precious TwiceToddlers....

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