Monday, March 8, 2010

TwiceToddlers Learning to Spell Their Name

Ever since my twins began preschool last August, they have started learning to spell their names. Well, this week, my twins are now learning to not only spell their first names, but their last names too.

Since last week though, Twin "A" has not been wanting to write her name the right way. She sees how Mommy or Daddy are writing her name, and we even put our hand over her hand, right hand, to show her how her name should feel we are writing her name with her. Anyway, she does not seem to understand how the first letter of her name needs to begin at an angle, and end at a point, at the top. For a while, she had been making the first letter rounded, but now, Mommy and Daddy are showing her the correct way to write the first letter of her name.

Twin "A" is not doing it correctly. I wonder, if she too could be left handed. But, what are the odds of my twins both being left-handed? Also, I know, she is only in preschool, but this is the best time to she her how to write her name, before she enters kindergarten next August.

Twin "B", on the other hand, is writing her name much better now that she is writing more with her left hand, and not right hand. Mommy, on the other hand is having a not so easy time helping her write, since I am right handed.

So, it looks like Mommy and Daddy will just have to continue working with Twin "A" until she begins to understand that her first letter, in her first name, needs to be pointy, not rounded.

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