Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TwiceToddlers Going to Cousin Ryan's Birthday Tonight

Yesterday was my twins male cousins birthday. His birthday is being celebrated tonight though. I will not be attending because this is the last night of my bible study on I and II Peter.

My twins are so excited. They love 'birfdays'. Especially their own and can not wait until Fall so we can celebrate their birfday again. Speaking of their 5th birfday, they are now saying they want to go to "Chubby Cheese" instead of Disneyland. Well, I have not even told them yet about Disneyland because they would talk about going to Disneyland until their actual birfday.

So, as the girls are celebrating this cousin's birthday, I will be wrapping up the my I and II Peter bible study which was amazing. I had no idea how wise and insightful Peter was. He speaks to all our insecurities and how we should have no fear and trust in the Lord.

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