Friday, January 11, 2013

Twins without television-1 week-Day 5

Yeah, we made it to Friday (TGIF). Well since the twins had no homework today, guess what the first thing they asked about when they walked into the backdoor? "Can we watch some TV?" Oh, I knew it was going to happen, but was really hoping, deep down, they were not going to ask. Needless to say, they wanted to watch and I gave in.

I mean, I really did not think it would last...forever, but it was good while it lasted. I did give my twins one stipulation though, I said, "The only time you can watch television is on Friday when you get home from school until Sunday evening and then back to the Monday through Thursday routine." I mean, it is still semi not watching television, right?

There is this one show on a popular kids channel my twins like to watch and I watch it sometimes with the twins. Well I watched in on Friday and one of the daughters in this show talks to her Mom, raising her voice and called her Mom, "Woman". I was like, "Girls, you do NOT call Mommy "Woman" this is total disrespect and this is what all these "new" kids shows writers are doing, having the actors speak these lines where they parents are looked down on as nothings and as complete idiots."

This is why I wanted to see if they could go a week without watching television. It did not seem to phase them at all...until Friday when they got  home from school. I really want to keep this going, along with seeing if I can cut down or out altogether their sugar intake. It is always easier said than done.

Keep me in your prayers.

I am their example and since I do not watch television at all anymore, I can be that example. Although, the sugar thing is something I am still struggling with. So yeah, prayer, this will be greatly appreciated.

I will keep this *blog: Twins without television....* going and if I forget to write, remind me..

God Bless...


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