Monday, January 14, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 2, Day 1

So today is day one of the second week without television. This is very nice. Not only is the house calmer, unnecessary noise from the television that is, but I am expecting (praying) for all our attitudes to change. The television seems to create an uneasiness in the home. It is all that background noise I think and of course messages in all the shows that cause stress in the home.

Now, look this is not something to just go "cold turkey" with either. This will take time. Right now, I am allowing my girls to watch television when they get home from school on Friday-Sunday evening. This is what I did last weekend on their 1st week without television.

I am seeing that television is not only a distraction, but a total hindrance towards learning. It is as if all my girls had on their minds was what show they were going to watch and at what time. Look, I have not watched television since June and it is wonderful. Well, I listen to the radio, music and talk shows, but at least I am not wasting time sitting in from on a television learning nothing and being mesmerized by a 30 or 1 hour show.

Oh it would really be nice if my girls would just stop watching television altogether. This is day one of week two. I think as long as I do not bring up the fact they are not watching television, they will not think about it.

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