Thursday, January 10, 2013

Twins without television-1 week-Day 4

It is now day 4 and we are over the hump, even though there was a little hiccup. So today when the twins got home we sat at the dining table as always and begin doing homework. Like the days before, twins have not talked or asked about watching television. This had me beaming knowing they really could not care less if the television was on and they might be missing a show they liked.

After homework, like the days before, they did their chores and then we played a game of Brain Quest. Oh, this is a fun learning game. Well, it is disguised as a game and it is really fun. I mean, I do not even know a lot of the questions in this game, and quite frankly, why would I?


Yeah, this is a fun game and it goes from grade 1 to 6 with five categories :Math, Science, Reading, Arts and The World. I love this game! This was a Christmas gift to the twins from Daddy and we all play together or just The Girls.

Anyway, today the twins did not bring up television at all and that made Mommy a Happy Camper. Now, let me see if the twins will not watch television until at least Friday evening. (Cross my fingers!)


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  1. What was the hiccup? You're doing really well with the girls. I know some twins have enough of a bond to entertain themselves but you're doing the right thing to see if they can do without the stimulus of the TV and can improve their minds with games like these or language lessons.
    Well done all of you. xx