Friday, January 18, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 2, Day 5

Alright! We made it through another week without television (minus the one hiccup!). I love it. It really is nice not seeing my twins sitting in front of the television everyday. I know my  twins are not 'vegging' in front of that "box" everyday. I can tell you this, since I stopped watching the television last June, (of course I am still online) my brain is not mush anymore. I do work online, freelance writer and office help, so I really do need to be online.

Aside from being online, I do listen to the radio(music/talk). But this is not about me, it is about my twins and them not watching the television anymore (well two weeks so far). I figure, as long as I do not bring up the name 'television', they are probably not thinking about it or want to watch it, right? Well I hope so...

I did forget to mention this on yesterday's post. I bought this book for my twins; and began reading some poetry from this book for them. It is a really amazing book. It is an all inclusive book on subjects like Language & Literature, History & Geography, Visual Arts, Music, Mathematics and Science.  

Last night, from this book, I read these Poems: Bed in Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson, Caterpillars by Aileen Fisher, Bee! I'm Expecting You! by Emily Dickinson and Hurt No Living Thing by Christina Rossetti and Harriet Tubman by Eloise Greenfield. After reading these poems to my twins, I stopped because we played Yahtzee! In this Language & Literature section, there are also Stories like The Emperor's New Clothes, The Magic Paintbrush, Beauty and the Beast, How Wendy Met Peter Pan, American Tall Tales like Paul Bunyan, Myths from Ancient Greece like Heroes and Monsters, Gods and Goddesses. In the Learning About Language section students (my twins) will learn about Sentences, Nouns Names a Person, Place or Thing, Singular and Plural Nouns and more.

Oh goodness, I can go on with all the sections and what they cover. I really wanted to get into some science last night, but was not able to. Since today is Friday, it is highly unlikely I will do any 'teaching' from this awesome book, but I can on Monday since they will not be in school for MLK, Jr. Day.

Alright my lovely readers....have an amazing weekend and I will write on Monday!


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