Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twins without television: Week 4, Day 3

Yeah, it is Hump Day! Don't you just love Hump Day? Right smack in the middle of the week. I still do not recall that poem about the television being in the home. Now, ever since my twins stopped watching television, their grades have improved. That darn television is such a distraction, no wonder my grades were not good in grade and high school...over **** years ago. Wouldn't you like to know how many years...hahahaha!

So my girlie's are halfway through with their homework packet. Today they do math and reading as always and learn their spelling words, vocabulary and high frequency words.  Before they begin their homework, they do clean the bathroom counter top and mirror. This is their Thursday chores and it only takes them forever when they argue of who will go first. I think next week I will switch my twins chores around. Twin "A" asked about that yesterday and it actually sounds like a good idea.

My cat is distracting me as I am writing. She keeps wanting to go out, them come in, them go out, them come in. My childhood cat did the same thing.Maybe it is an age thing, as they get older and all.

Until Thursday,


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