Sunday, January 20, 2013

TwiceGirlies Going To Sleepover

My twins were finally able to go to a sleepover. They love a sleepover. We took them over tonight and they will stay until the early afternoon. It is rare we do sleepovers, but when they have days off of school, this is the perfect time for them to have fun with their friends.

Tonight my twins and their friends will be sleeping in their sleeping bags under a homemade tent. Oh that should be fun. My goodness, don't you miss these days? Days when you had no responsibilities and could just play with your friends? I think I went to sleepovers until I was 13.

My twins brought over the barbie dolls and their plastic unicorn to play with. They will  have a blast. Tomorrow, hopefully they will be able to play outside when the weather is warm.

Okay, so until next time...


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