Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 3, Day 4

So today is Thursday, just one more day closer to Friday. Today is the last day for their homework this week and their packet is complete. I was not able to read to them from this book. But I am almost done with this book and will start of the is book.

Then, after I read these books, I think I will buy this book next. I am trying to read these books in the proper order. There really is no order since they are written by different authors.
This looks like a good book. I would rather teach these to my girls even before they learn them in school. It can not hurt them to be ahead of their classmates when it comes o American history, right? Anyway, I am still reading this book. This book is really good as I have told you before in last weeks article. This book, to me, is way advanced for any second grader, but there are all subjects in here: Language & Literature (poetry, stories, learning about language, familiar sayings), History & Geography (world history and geography, civilaztions in Asia, Ancient Greece, American History & geography, Our Constitution, The War of 1812, Westward Ho!, et. al.) Visual Arts, Music, Mathematics (working with number to 100), working with numbers to 1,000), money, word problems, et. al, Science (the cycle of life and seasons), the water cycle, insects, the human body, magnetism, simple machines and stories about scientists.)

As you can see, this book (above) is packed with all sorts of goodies for kids to learn, to supplement their in class learning. And, you, like me, do not have to treat this like it is school work at all. So, far, I have read my twins poetry and stories. I also showed them the cycle of life and seasons.

Alright,I will write tomorrow to, but it is the end of the school week and I will allow them to watch television from Friday evening to Sunday evening and them back to no school during the school week.

Until tomorrow,


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