Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TwiceToddlers, like little Parrots

My twins are so funny these days. When Daddy or Mommy are driving and we are at a stop light, if it turns green and the person in front of us has not gone yet, we say, "Come on Dude." Now, our twins are saying, "Come of Dude." It is the funniest thing to hear.

Oh, our twins little voices are so sweet, when they are not fussy, whiny or being mean to each other.

Let's see, I also have my twins saying this funny word I think I made up years ago, like back in high school. The word is "Okums Dokums", for okie dokie.... I will have to record my twins saying this and put it up here for you to listen. Twin "B" says it the cutiest, with Twin "A" following.

The older my twins get, the more they are beginning to understand and retain. I hear them talking to each other and one twin will say, "Don't do that" or Stop doing that". It is as if they know when one twin is doing something wrong or hurtful. My twins also, at times but not often, play nicely with each other. This is more true when they are in daycare. My twins seems to 'stick together' when not at home. This is one good trait of having twins.

I just love seeing my twins grow in their mental capacity and knowledge of things I had no idea they even knew. They must be learning from watching Mommy, Daddy, daycare providers and their educational shows which they like very much.

God Bless growing TwiceToddlers

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