Saturday, January 3, 2009

TwiceToddlers, GG and Leenie

Last night, GG and Leenie came over to my home. Well, all I can say is, the twins had so much fun with GG. My twins were not normal at all. They were singing and dancing and jumping all over GG. Leenie had to take Twin "B" down off GG's back as she was sitting down at the breakfast table.

Oh goodness, I was just so amazed to see my twins actually interacting with my Gramma. It only took three years for them to come around to GG and spend time with her. I know it made GG happy to finally see them come around to her as well.

We all had a good time. My DH's parents came over for a while to see GG and talk to her. My DH's Dad watched football in the family room with Uncle Mike, while my DH's Mom talked to my Gramma, Leenie and myself in the living room.

In the living room is where Twin's "A and E" were so hyper, dancing and singing, "Give me Little Kiss"

I had so much fun and it made my heart leap to see my sweet twins loving my Gramma. My Gramma had a lot of fun singing and playing with her twin Great Grand

My Gramma had so much fun singing and playing with her Great Twin Girl Grandchildren.

God Bless

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