Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TwiceGirlies at Auntie Leenie's Home Last Weekend

Last weekend Daddy, Mommy and Twins went to Auntie Leenie's home so Daddy could attend a Comic Book Convention. Uncle Mike went with Daddy to see what was available that Daddy would like. While Daddy and Uncle Mike were at the Comic Convention, Mommy, Auntie Leenie and Twins playing in the backyard. We played with the doggies and the new golf sets Leenie got for the Twins from a local grocery store.
My twins love playing in Leenie's backyard, especially with the doggies and around the pond. The best thing about my Aunt's backyard is, well everything. It is a little piece of paradise, sitting on a mountain top in the Silicon Valley. It has taken my Aunt and her husband years to make their backyard into what it is today.

While at my Aunt's home, my twins also helped her make dinner. My twins love being in the kitchen baking or cooking. The photos I took in my Aunt's kitchen were out of focus, but they are still cute.

Besides the cooking photos, the rest of the photos I took are amazing! I love them and the setting. I really like taking photos with my twins outside, in nature. That way, I get to showcase not only my twins, but the beauty around them that the Lord has made.

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