Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TwiceGirlie "B", Mommy and Behind The Scenes

This morning as I began watching the television show "Behind The Scenes" on TBN, TwiceGirlie "B" sat down next to me. Paul Crouch and Matthew Crouch were talking to an ex-Muslim Afshin Javid about his conversion from being a Muslim to Christianity.

At one part, where Twin "B" was listening to Afshin speak about the power of Jesus and the power in the name of  Jesus and this made an impact on her day. I say this because when I was in the kitchen washing dishes and putting dishes away, I could here Twin "B" in the family room saying this to Twin "A", "Jesus has power and there is power in the Name of Jesus."

I was in the kitchen, still cleaning dishes and putting them away, and was smiling from ear to ear. Twin "B" was actually paying attention to the show and what Afshin was talking about. I was very impressed with my sweet, little girl.

As the evening rolled around, after dinnertime, I could here Twin "B" again, talking about the Name of Jesus to her sister and when I put them down to bed and was praying over my twins as I do every night, I asked Twin "B", "What was it about Jesus you learned today on the television with Mommy"? She looked at me and said, "There is Power in the Name of Jesus." I said, "Yes! You got that right Twin "B"!" and I smiled with a proud smile on my face.

I will have to show Twin "A" this video too and see how she responds to what Afshin talked about in his finding Jesus is "The Way, The Truth and The Life".

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