Thursday, February 7, 2008

My TwiceBabies Love Their Kitty

Almost everynight, my twins still get up for a diaper change. This only because we have yet to take away their evening sippy cup of water or milk.

When they get up, they have to always see their kitty cat. During the daytime, their kitty cat hides from them, usually under one of our couches.

But at night, when our twins get a diaper change, our kitty cat and our twins, play with each other for probably ten minutes and our twins just love petting her and saying her name and showing Mommy where our kitty cats food is our kitcken.

My girls love cats and everytime they see a cat on their favorite DVD or TV, they make this adorble sound telling Momy and Daddy they see a kitty cat.

Do or did your babies or toddler's have any cute noises like this? It is just too cute.

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