Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our TwiceBabies areTwo Years and Three Months Today

Wow, we have made it to two years and three months with our twin girls.

It is such an uphill battle being a parent, let alone a parent to two strong willed twin girls who fight over everything, even if it is the exact same toy or whatever. The fight and kick and scream and pull hair.

Oh, and Twin "A" has a preference for colors. Yes, if Daddy or Mommy give her sister, Twin "B" a certain color of sippy cup, she throws a tantrum and will not take the one color of sippy cup offered to her. Nope, she will fall down on the ground until she gets her way or until Daddy or Mommy walk away.

My goodness, it is amazing that two years and three months have gone by this quickly. It still seems like only yesterday they came home from the NICU. Everytime I look at photos of them on my slideshow in the NICU incubators, I wonder, how in the world did they get so big, so fast?

I can't wait for spring/summer to come around so they can go outside all day long and hopefully get potty trained...

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