Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dates with Mommy and Daddy Day

Today, because it was so nice, we decided to resume our "Date Time" with Mommy and Daddy.

If you are a parent of twins and are looking for ways to spend special time with your twins on an individual basis, then Date Time with Mommy or Daddy, is the perfect way to bond with each twin, individually.

When Twin "B" was 16 months old, I could sense she needed some individual time with Mommy and or Daddy. So, on March 27, 2007, I began doing Date Time or Night with Mommy and or Daddy. Since then, it has been a big hit with the girls.

Although, when either one of us leaves, at first, the baby left at home will cry and cry for Mommy or Daddy. But when the other twin goes someplace with Mommy or Daddy, everything is alright.

It is funny, when my twins are apart, they still say, "Sissy, Sissy", but they really enjoy the one on one time alone with Mommy or Daddy. There is no competition for our affection and this is a plus, I know, in both of my twins.

Today, Twin "A" went with Daddy to a home he is getting listed and they did a walk through together. Twin "B" and Mommy with to Old Navy and I found the cutest outfit for Spring. I got this beige/cream animal print sweater, a beige tank for under the sweater and a dark brown pair of shorts. I can't wait to wear it. Oh, and I got Twins "A and B" a Spring/Summer looking 2T T-Shirt to go with these dark brown pants they already have.

One thing I deal with, all the time, it competing for my love. My twins probably think Mommy loves one twin more that the other, but this is not the case. Babies and humans in general are just selfish and they always want Mommy and or Daddy all to themselves.

But, if you can find a way to seperate your twins for an hour or two, please do it, they will thank you for the time alone and you will be happy you are getting to know each of your twins on an individual basis.

God Bless!!

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