Saturday, February 9, 2008

Trying To Get Your Toddlers To Drink Water

Getting you toddlers to drink water is not always easy as I am finding out. This is because I usually give them, in their sippy cups, half water/half AJ or White Grape Juice.

Since my twins were 10 months old, I began giving the half and half in their sippy cups I have being doing this ever since. Although, sometimes I will give them more water than juice.

A while back, I was given this link to a water bottle topper that I have yet to purchase. I could not remember where the email was for one thing and two I thought it could be purchased at Walgreens. I went to my local Walgreens last week and they do not carry this water bottle topper.

So, just right now, I went through some emails in this one folder I have and lo and behold, I found the water bottle topper email.

And now, I am sharing it with you!

2 Pack Spill Proof Water Spouts by Gerber

Not a bad price for a two pack.

God Bless!!

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