Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mum's Fury at MMR Jab Claim

Mum's fury at MMR jab claim

By Kristina Santus
A campaign group has rubbished new claims there is no connection between the MMR jab and autism.

Jackie Fletcher, founder of Jabs support group for vaccine-damaged children, says the results of the latest study are misleading.The mum-of-three from Golborne, said: "It's appalling how the Department of Health (DoH) has sprung to its conclusions. They have not compared like-with-like which proves nothing. "The children in the original study had regressive autism, bowel problems and had suffered an adverse reaction to the MMR – nothing like the group used in this latest study."The new report refutes earlier work by Dr Andrew Wakefield who suggested there was a link between the triple vaccine and autism in a 1998 paper.In the recent study researchers studied blood samples from 240 children aged 10 to 12, to see if the MMR jab had caused an abnormal immune response that could have triggered autism.The said increased antibody levels would have indicated such a response, but in the three groups studied – children with autism, those without and those with special educational needs – no difference was found.Jackie, whose 16 year-old son Robert developed autism and epilepsy weeks after his MMR jab at 10 months, said: "Why would we expect there to be a difference? What is to say that autism is caused by antibodies?"Mrs Fletcher claimed such reports are brought out by the DoH for "political reasons" and added: "They have had the data which this report is based on for four years.

f it was that important why would they sit on it for that long? It's not just a coincidence it is also the anniversary of Dr Wakefield's report."Dr Wakefield's research, which was published in medical journal, The Lancet, landed him before the General Medical Council, along with co-authors, John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, accused of serious professional misconduct in relation to the study. The hearing is on-going.Following his report, take-up for the triple vaccine plummeted, resulting in an increase in measles. The situation has now reversed after a series of denials by the government.Jackie said: "We asked the government to do a study on 1,200 children whose lives had dramatically changed shortly after having the vaccine, but they said 'bring your science and we'll do it'."The latest study is deceitful and misrepresents the situation.

It doesn't help a new parent make a decision about their child."

The full article contains 416 words and appears in Wigan Evening Post newspaper.

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Yup, this is what our oh so lovely government's do, deny, deny and more denial. Their aim is to damage all citizens anyway, shape or form. Can you honestly believe any goverment offical, especially scientists and doctors on the government's payroll? I would hope not.
Mom of Twin Girls

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