Saturday, February 9, 2008

Daddy Taught Our Twins a New Phrase

The phrase is real cute and they actually say it.

Daddy,while trying to get out girls to sleep two nights ago, had our girls saying, "Daddy Rocks", "Mommy Rocks", "Our Cats Name Rocks", "Sissy Rocks".

That is so cute and they really say it, with a twist thought.

Because they are two and now know how to say the word "NO" all the time and for everything, now they say this new phrase with the word "No" in front of it.

"No Daddy Rocks", "No Mommy Rocks", "No Our Cats Name Rocks" and "No Sissy Rocks".

It is cute hearing them say new words and phrases. Daddy is usually the one getting them to say some new phrase too.

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