Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Local MS Meeting in my City and My TwiceBabies

Last week as I was reading my local newspaper, I found in the classifed area a meeting for MS patients in my city. Now, last year I did see these ads, but like I still am today (a little bit), I was in denial of the symptoms of this disease going through my brain and spine.

Anyway, after seeing the ad once again, I decided to call the woman who heads up these meetings in my city. I left her a message and she called me back some time in the evening. We talked for a long time and I told her I would like to come to the meeting at this particular diner restaurant in my city.

So this morning, I bathed my twins, took my shower, went to the ATM to get some money out and drove to the diner for a meet and greet. The people of this group in my city were only 5, plus the head of the group and myself. That would make a total of 7 people today. Myself and one more person were new to this meeting. I am sure there are others who have MS in my city but like me are in denial of it. I mean, who really wants to admit they have a disease they can not explain and are now taking very expensive drug therapies to keep them alive?

Anyway, I will more likely than not go to another meeting. It would be nice to have a meeting at one of the members homes so my twins can run around because they do not like sitting still. They are only 2!! Full of engery!

God Bless Everyone!!

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