Friday, February 8, 2008

Walking with My TwiceBabies-On Their Leashes!

Oh, yeah, the weather in my city was really nice in the late afternoon so I decided to take my girls for a walk. They love their teddy bear and puppy dog leashes and I rarely take them for walks because I despise cold weather in the winter time.

But today with the weather so nice, I took them for a walk around out block and they had a blast. They would stop and look in at the birds and airplanes going by. A Choo Choo was going past our home so I pointed out the Choo Choo to them. After the Choo Choo had moved on past our street, we kept walking and seeing other walkers. The other walkers commented on how cute my girls were and not once commented on my girls being on a leash.

I am assuming they could understand why I walk with them on a leash. For saftey reasons...Duh!

Anyway, if the weather is like this tomorrow, I will walk with them again. We all need the exercise and to see the outside now that winter is hopefully leaving and spring is just around the corner.

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