Sunday, February 10, 2008

My TwiceBabies Meet New Twin Babies On The Block

Because today was another beautiful and acceptable day to be outdoors for a walk, I took my girls for another walk around our neighborhood.

This time, as we were walking down our sidewalk, we walked across the street to our neighbors home first to say "Hello" and let our neighbors see how big Twins "A and B" are getting. From there, we kept on walking down the sidewalk and as we made our way to the end of the sidewalk corner, Twins "A and B" saw a baby from across the street. My girls were waving at the babies and we decided to look both ways and then cross the street to see the baby.

When we got over to the home, there were infact two babies. They were fraternal boy/girl twins. They were 8 months old and like my twins were born premature weighing only 3 lbs and 8 ounces.

The twins were adorable and the twins Mommy and Daddy were renting this home until they are ready to move to a different city. I told them where I lived and that they could come over whenever she needs to get out of the house.

Pretty soon, my twins were getting bored so I gave the couple my name and they gave me theirs and we said goodbye.

From there, we contiuned our walk, and would stop, look up in the sky, look at birdies, listen to doggies barking and then move on. When we got to the other corner of the sidewalk, we continued down the straight of the sidewalk and when we almost reached the other sidwalk corner, our other friend came out and wanted to see the girls on their leashes looking so cute.

So, we crossed the street, our neighbor got to see the girls and we went into her home so my girls could see her doggy. We stayed for only a while because her clock chimed 5'oClock and the sun was beginning to set. We said, "Bye, Bye" and walked on home.

The walk was fun today and we got to meet our twin neighbors! Yeah!!

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