Thursday, May 24, 2007

When Twins Fight

Two days ago, I spoke with someone I really love about how to handle my twins and their constant fighting: kicking, pushing, pulling hair and biting. Well, what this person said was to pick my battles. If they have to learn through this experience, them let them. They will grow out of this and move on to something new that will really be a big deal.

All I had to say to that was, "Alright. If I this fighting has to take place, like a rite of passage, I will let it. At least they are not with other children all the tim." I also said to my friend, "You talk about how they will not have any friends, well how do you know this? If they will grow out of this, them they will have friends, eventually."

So, at this time, I am going to let them have fights and do whatever they do to each other. I am just so tired of sounding like a broken record and I am sure you would to.

Oh yeah, my twins are 18.5 months old.

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