Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Twin Language

My twins talk all the time. Not so much with words, but with their own 'baby or twin language".
As I am doing things around the house or am watching them play, they go back and fourth with their own little language. When I mean langauge, I mean screeching, screaming or yelling. I guess these all mean the same thing, but to them, they are communicating.

It is the cutest thing to.

Especially when we are going someplace in our SUV, Twin B or A will talk back with Twin A or B. This goes on for the whole ride and it is just adorable.

I can just imagin what they are saying to each other:
Twin B:" Where are we going?"
Twin A:" I have no idea, but we go out a lot more now."
Twin B:"Yeah, I kinda like it too. But I do not like being in that stroller!"
Twin A:" I heard you sister!"
Yeah, I can see my twins talking like that.
Gotta love twins and their own language.

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