Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Twins in the Tub

Our twins just love bathtime!

They love the bubbles, they love the toys and they love splashing!

When in the tub, the thing they love most is standing up, which is always a "NO NO" and they love throwing all the toys, flled with water, out onto the floor.

Many people tell me to give my twins a bath one at a time. Now if I did this, my day would never begin. Therefore, I give them a bath at the same time.

Oh, and when they are in the tub, this is where they love to talk, talk, talk away. And the smiles are from ear to ear.

I would just recommend if you do give your twins a bath at the same time, you keep the water level right at their waist or belly button and do not leave the bathroom. This is of course just in case one slips and falling on their back or belly or is standing up and happens to fall out of the bathtub.

None of these events have happened to me, but I want to put this out there for obvious reasons.

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