Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Preemie Twins are different:Pulling up and Walking

So, when our twins began pulling up: to the coffee table, to the otttoman, to the couch, to the picture window, they never stopped.

It seems everything they do is in full force mode.That is, once they learned to sit up, crawl and pull up, they never look back.

In the beginning, their personailties memicked each other. I could not tell one from the other. Often times, their personalties swtich or rub off on the other twin.

Now, our twins are fraterna,lnot identical, but when the public sees our twins, they either assume they are boys, short hair, or because they are dressed alike.

Anyway, it would be have been nice to be more prepared for my twins arrival. It is a shame twins do not come with an owners manuel!

Two weeks after their first birthday, Twin A, began to walk! Out of the blue, there she was walking and loving it. She never went to crawling again. For a time though, because she crawled so fast and loved it, I thought she would never walk. Now, I wish I could have held my breathe.
Four weeks after "Twin A" began walking, "Twin B" began walking. This is kind of how it was with their tummy time, sitting up, crawling and pulling up, one twin would start the process, then the other twin would follow, or, one twin would start, then stop and the other twin would try it out and once the other twin saw what her sister was doing, that twin would start right up again.

Does any of this make sense to you? Like I said, they are constantly switching roles.
Til next time...

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