Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Binkies, Blankies and Ba Ba's

My twins love their binkies. And you know what? I am glad they love them. The way I see it, taking away a binkie is much easier than taking away their thumb. And they have not sucked on their thumb as if yet. I
I know some 4 year olds that still suck on their binkies so at 17 months, sucking on a binkie is not that bad. If it makes my twins feel comforted, then so be it. I also think it looks cute.

My twins love their security blankets my Mom (Nana) made them. They walk around the house with them, take them outside, get them all dirty and messy. I do let my twins take them in the truck with them, but not out shopping.
The blankies have also become a comforting item to hold on to and just have around. I like this in my twins. This is normal behavior for many babies, not just twins, of course.
I did just read an article from
Baby Center stating that babies should be weened from their pacifiers at 12 months for one, so they will begin to talk and two, so their teeth will not push forward. Maybe in the nexr month I will do my best to ween my twins off their binkies.

When my twins were 10 months old, I tried to get them off their milk bottles. They would not have it. They did not like the hard tipped sippy cups. But then at 12 months, I found these cool sippy cups with soft straws inserted in them. I believe they are made by
Nuby. These are the very best sippy cups from my POV. But, with teeth comes holes in these sippy cup straws as well. I was only able to find them locally at WalMart and now they no longer carrry these type. But, they can be purchased online too.
Binkies, Blankies and BaBa's all a part of not only being a twin, but being a singleton baby too.

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