Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Twice the Feedings, Diaper Changes and Sleeping

Having twins changes everything.

I had romantizim having twins for so long, that when they arrived, it was a complete eye opener to me and my hubby.

Being pregnant was the easy part, bring our twins home to feed, change diapers and put to sleep was a whole different story.

When our girls came home on November 20th, it was right before Thanksgiving. My Gramma from SoCal was up here, my Aunt and Uncle from San Jose were here and my hubbys parents were over at our home. My Mom and Dad had to go back down to SoCal for my nephews birthday and they were coming back up for Christmas.

My hubby and I were so very, very, very tired it was not a pretty sight at all. I was so happy when my parents were here to help in their feeding, diaper and sleeping schedules. Evert 2-4 hours we would switch shifts.

The best thing you can do, if you do not have any family to assist you the first 7 months of your twins coming home is to find a Mother of Twins Club in your city or surrounding town and please, accept the help from your church.

To keep your sanity, all the above I mentioned are a Godsend.

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