Monday, May 28, 2007

Taking Photos of Your Twins

Since my fraternal twin girls were 0 months old, I have been taking photos of them.

Granted when they were between a month and two months old, all I wanted to do was sleep.

So, in the beginning, the photos I wanted to take, never got taken.

You know, like the cute ones with baby laying on her hand with eyes closed.

Never taken.


I was too darn sleepy to do anything. Especially with very little help it made it that much harder for me to capture those sweet moments.

Anyway, if you have not done this yet with your twins, I would suggest you do now.
Not only this, but start folders on your desktop to place the photos in.

This is what I did with my photos:

I began at 0 months to 12 months and in each folder, I had other folders like this: A&E Together, A E Folder and E S Folder, mini movies folder.

So for each month, I did this and with all the photos I took of them throughout that first year, I ended up with 1.4 GB of data that had to by moved to a DVD CD to make sure they were not lost if my computer were to crash.

So, have fun taking photos and remember, you can NEVER go back to when they were infants. Get the photos while you can...

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