Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Individual Time with Mommy or Daddy

Twins, I am findng out, need individual time with Mommy and Daddy.

Two weeks ago, I brought this up to my hubby about spending quality time with the twins on an individual basis. So, two weeks ago, my hubby took Twin A out and about around town, while I stayed home with Twin B.

It seemed to work because each baby did not even miss each other. There was no fussing or anything. Now, seeing as my twins are fraternal and not identical, this may be the reason for them enjoying their special time with Daddy or Mommy alone. I can not say for sure this is true for all fraternal twins, but with my twin girls, it was like a relief to be seperated from each other even for an hour or two.

I began doing this because I could see in one of my twins she was getting jealous of the other. I did not want this to happen and have it be my fault for this jealousy to come on. So, I decided to seperate them.

This is probably a good way to build self esteem in my twins as well.

Like I said in one of my previous posts, one of my twins loves to sit in my lap or on my legs, while the other twin does not. So, the twin that does not sit on my lap or leg gets jealous. But I do include her in all the activities I do. It is not like I keep them seperated doing play time.

But, I can see in her eyes she thinks I am doing this. And this is hardly the case.

Anyway, having individual time with Daddy and Mommy is a very good strategy with twins, especially fraternal twins, because it allows them to have a fun time without any competiton from their sibling.

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