Thursday, May 24, 2007

They are Hugging, Part I

Okay, so I am listening to my Mom and giving them a Time Out now. Yes, I recall me saying I would not try this until they were at least 20-24 months, but guess what?

It works!

Even the threat of having a time out sets them straight.

My twins are bright and actually understand what I am saying.

No now, I will actually put them in Crib Time Out or threaten them with it if they do you treat each other kindly.

Today for instance, after Twin "B" was in T/O for 4 minutes, I went of other the 1 min and she did not even care, I took her out of her crib and she hugged her sister, Twin "A" and it was so sweet. I wish I could have taken a snapshot of that moment.

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