Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Twin Personalities

I can only speak for my twins, but watching them learn and grow is just a miracle and simply amazing.

As they begin learning new things about being a little human being and making their way in our world, I see them play off each other. Their personalities "switch" quite often.
For example, one day or week, Twin "B" will gab and gab, while Twin "A" will be quite and play by herself. Other times, Twin "A" will push and hit her sister, while Twin "B" will cry and not defend herself.

Sometimes, you would think they were just alike. They love the same DVD's, of course same toys, which they fight over, and they really love our Kitty.

At times though, I really do not see a difference in their personalities. Maybe it is because I am with them day in and day out.

As I take my twins to Mommy groups or my friends homes, it is my friends who really seem to see the difference in their personalities.

When we go to church and put our girls in the nursery, one will cry, seperation anxiety, and the other will look at her as if, "Why are you crying?". Then the next week in the church nursery, they switch and the other twin will have seperation anxiety.

I am beginning to think they plot out their strategies before we reach our desitnation. LOL
Our twins personalities are flourishing and will continue to switch I am sure. Sometimes, one is quite and shy and the other one is loud and very friendly.

Just silly if you ask me.

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