Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bath Time with Toddler Twins, Part I

When my twins were infants, I did not give them tub baths, but instead bird baths on my bathroom counter.

I think I did this until they were 6 months old.

Then when they reached 7 to 9 months, I would bathe them in our tub. At this age, it was easy though because they did not move around much and would NEVER stand up.

Today at 17 months and when they were 12-16 months, they always stand up in the tub. This is not fun for me at all, but if I did not bathe them at the same time it would make my day or evening that much more longer.

Just make sure you NEVER leave their sight when you are bathing twins at the same time and bring the water to their waistline so they can actually have fun in the water and splash in it.

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