Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Twins and More Personality Traits

As I watch my twins grow up physically and mentally, I see how they take on each others traits.

Or, like I stated in a previous post, they play off each other.

Today, Twin B does what Twin A usually does, she came and sat on my lap without me coaxing her over to me.

Just out of the blue, she very sweetly, walked to me as I was sitting on a blanket in out backyard and plopped down on my left knee or lap.

I love when Twin B shows her affection towards Mommy because she is seems to lean more towards the independent minded child than her sister, Twin A.

With both my twins, I do show them love and affection every day, but one twin over the other shows her love for me all the time.

Today, I felt special that Twin B wanted to sit on my lap and love Mommy.

And yes, I know there is going to be one twin more independent than the other. I mean, they are seperate human beings for sure.

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