Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fevers and Throwing Up Twins

When teething occurs, and it is occuring quite often these days, my twins just can not hold down any food. After dinner tonight, Twin "B" threw up not once, but twice, in her crib. I took off her first flat sheet and washed it, then placed her back in her crib to again have her throw up.

My hubby took her out and I removed her throw up ridden flat sheet again.

Poor baby, she was having projectile vomit all over the utility room and on my hubby's clothes. I did not see this happen, only the aftermath.

It is a good thing we have more than one fitted sheet and I know the cause of her throwing up.

You see, her molars are coming in and I guess teething has strange effects on a babies body chemisty.

The first time this happened, with Twin "B", I had no idea why she was throwing up, until I called my Mom.

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