Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Their Toddler Friends

After the gym, Mommy had to drive to their daycare providers home to pick up Twin "B"s pink "star" blanket. She reminded me it has stars on it. After picking up the pink "star" blanket, Mommy drove over to her friend's home to see if she and her children were home.

Yeah, she was home. So we got out of the truck, Mommy said, "Hello" several times and her friend came to the door and let Mommy and her twins in. My twins love my girlfriends youngest son as he is a little bit younger than my girls. In fact, he just had his birthday at the end of last month.

So, we visited at my girlfriends home for a while, Twin "A" ran head on into her friend, who is the same height, and got a big Boo Boo on her forehead. We got Twin "A" a baggie of ice and I put some on. The bruise will be there for a while, but hey, this is what happens when kids play and run around.

After a while, we left because my girlfriends other son had to go to Kindergarten, but can over my home for a while so our kids could play in the backyard together. They played with the water table my girls have and we played with this cool bubble maker my twins got for their 1st birthday.

Finally, the fun ended because my girlfriend and her DH were going to go to lunch together. He had just returned home from his early shift at work.

I had fun, my twins had fun and I my girlfriends son had fun too. We need to do this more often. Indeed.

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