Saturday, June 13, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Cousins at Monterey Bay Acquarium

After our pit stop off the Pacheco Pass and visiting Casa de Fruita, we drove to Monterey. It was an easy drive, as always. There is hardly, if ever, any traffic going the way we did. Once in Monterey, we made our way to the aquarium and found no parking close by. So, we had to drive up a little ways and, of course, pay a hefty parking fee.

The fee to enter the acquarium is hefty as well. Honestly, children 3 thru 12 should not have to pay $17.95, especially for toddlers. They are still learning things and definitely have short attention spans. Plus, they get tired, which leads to fussiness.

But, with the prices aside, the MBA has changed a lot, on the inside that is. They now have this whole new, and awesome area for children. It is all hands on and so much fun. I think it is called the Splash Zone and I loved it. My twins and their cousins loved it too.

The last time I was at the MBA was probably in 2000 or before then. Anyway, it never looked like it does now or allowed me to have so much fun with my twins and nephews. The way we went, it was so crowded as I am sure it always is.

Here are some photos of us at the MBA. My hubby and I will definitely have to bring our twins back again. Even with the atrocious enterance fee. And, yes, I know, the money does go towards feeding the animals...

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