Saturday, June 20, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mommy and Daddy's 11th Anniversary

Today was our 11th Wedding Anniversary. Yeah us and praise you Lord for being one of the three cords holding our marriage together. Our marriage would be nothing without you precious Lord Jesus.

For our celebration, we had one of our baby sitters come over and take our twins out for the morning and part of the afternoon. While our twins were having fun with their baby sitter, we went to a near by city so my DH could take photos of a home he is selling. The home was cute, one story, small backyard, nice three door garage and wonderful entryway. I loved the master with big bath and walk in closet.

After the photos were taken, we drive to the somewhat new Old Navy and Kohl's. Well, today was the $2 tank top sale. I forgot it was today! Well, let me tell you something...the line inside the ON store must have been a half mile long. This was with all the registers open too. Anyway, we purchase for ON 4th of July T's. The ones for our twins reads "Miss Indepen Dent". Don't you just love it??!! I purchased 3 tanks for me and a green polo with a white floral design in the bottom right of the shirt. I, not my DH, must have stood in line for 15-20 minutes.

Was it worth betcha...

From ON, we walked over to Kohl's. There were some really cute dresses and jewelery I wanted to get. But, we were pressed for time and we went to Chili's for an early lunch. Don't you just love Chili's? They always have a great menu and I like how they change it up every now and then.

After we ate our lunch, we drove home. Once home, we rested for a while and I got ready for the 1st Annual Woman's Tea at Good Shepherd Community Church Tracy. There was going to be a special guest speaker, Carol Wolaver. She is also known as "The Pottery Lady". She is a pastor's wife in Northridge and speaks/creates from clay, about the Lord and how He is the Potter and we are the Clay. Her testimony and total presentation is just something every woman has to see. Carol aslo sell her pottery in The Pottery Store after the presentation.

All in all, I had a wonderful anniversary day and evening.

God Bless....

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  1. glad you had fun. I wonder if the pottery lady is the wife of the pottery guy we saw at our church last year- he is amazing! and his wife sang, too.they are from socal I think.