Monday, June 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers and the Nana Kisses

My Mom, Nana to my twins, does this silly thing with her mouth where she makes this clicking sound in our ears. She used to do this to my sister and me when we were kids. Last time my twins saw Nana, she must have done it to them too. It makes us all laugh.

Anyway, two weeks ago, I began doing the clicking noise in my twins ears while I am putting them down for the evening. They love it!! I tell them this is what Nana does. So, after I make the clicking sound in their ear, then they do it to me. We do this three to four times and then stop for the night.

My twins will tell me, "Nana does this" and I shake my head and say, "Yes she does." It is a lot of fun and my twins just love it.

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