Monday, June 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Day Care

Tomorrow and until August, my twins will be going to their other daycare provider on Tuesdays. This is because the sisters my twins play with will be at my daycare providers home on this day until their school, and my twins preschool, begins in August.

Oh, my twins really do not like change, they especially do NOT like being away from Mommy. So, tomorrow, I might have to not remind them of where they are going. I mean, they love playing with their friends and all, but hearing the words come out of my mouth that they will not be home with Mommy starts Twin "B", more than Twin "A", into her crying mode.

Now, this behavior happens on again...and off again....on again.....and off again...I am figuring out that toddlers are wishy washy at best. And, they make you out to be a liar ever time....

Anyway, once I drop them off and I leave the house, they will are always fine They begin playing outside, playing on the swing set and other outdoor activities my daycare provider has for my girls and my girls friends.

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