Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mommy Needs to Color Her Hair Again

Oh goodness, I think the last time I colored my hair was in February. I am looking at my hair and seeing how fast it has grown out. My hairdresser did such an excellent job, it only now has begun to show signs of needing to be touched up, or re colored. As long as I decide to color my hair, I will go to my current hair stylist. She really knows the true color of my hair and knows how to make it the color I want without my hair looking ORANGE.

Yes, next week, I think I will email her and let her know it is time to get my hair touched up to look the same way it did in February. Hopefully the new color will last until the end of September when I will be going to my 20th!!! high school reunion in SoCal.

Wow, how time flies by fast.....

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