Monday, June 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers Love Mommy

When my hubby got home from work tonight, we ate the remaining tri tip we had from Sunday. We had the Chipotle Tri Tip and WOW!! was it hot. It seemed to get hotter in only one day too.

My hubby and I finished dinner well before our twins did, of course. They rarely, if ever eat all their meal. They are not big fans or eating anything really. They are so very picky and drives Mommy, and Daddy, crazy.

Anyway, we were out of the Hawaiian sweet rolls, so I said I would go out to Costco and get some more. So, while at Costco, I got some more Hawaiian sweet rolls, more Orowheat bread, sourdough, MacNCheese, SunChips, wash clothes for cleaning around the house and some more coffee filters.

After my Costco run, I went to Bath and Body Works because I received my gift card from MyPoints today. If you want to earn points, with or without spending money, email me so I can sign you up. I have been with MyPoints since 1999 and then 2007. I had forgetten my email address I used when I worked for EllieMae and had to re register. TMI, I know...

While at Bath and Body Works, I purchased some more body wash and a lot of small $1.00 items I like and some $2.50 items too. I was still looking around for other items when Daddy calls me and says Twicetoddler "A" is crying for me. So, I talked to her and said I would come home right now.

I get home and both my twins are mauling me. They are rarely like this, especially both of them. Twicetoddler "A" was crying, she was scolded for probably hitting her sister. Twicetoddler "B" was grabbing my legs and wanting me to hold her too. I get inside, sit down on the couch and Twicetoddler "A" wraps her arms around my neck, while Twicetoddler "B" is crying and saying, "Don't take all Mommy"!!

Oh goodness, it is a madhouse as always...usually, only one twin fights over me. Twicetoddler "A" and I have a nighttime routine where I pick her up in my arms and carry her to her bed at night. She loves that. Twicetoddler "B" wants Daddy to pick her up the same way Mommy does to her sister and carry her to her bed.

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