Saturday, June 13, 2009

TwiceToddlers, Cousins and Family at Casa de Fruita

On Saturday, we left our home in the not so early AM, heading for Monterey. Instead of going the long and usually ever so slow East Bay/Bay Area freeways, we took a somewhat faster drive instead.This drive we took allowed us to stop at Casa de Fruita. This is a great place to stop mind you. It has something for everyone. Casa de Wine, Casa de Deli, Casa de General Store, Casa de this and Casa de that.

The best thing about going to Casa de Fruita is the train ride, merry go round and other fun things to do when, of course, you have children.My twins and nephews loved the merry go round. We were not able to go on the train ride with my nephews due to lack of time. My Aunt, who lives in the Bay Area was able to meet us at Casa de Fruita though. Her hubby, my uncle, had to work a very important weekend with his company and was not able to attend. But, my Aunt had a great time. She was able to see her nephews, take photos of them and hold her littlest nephew, who is almost two years old.

Here are some photos of our Casa de Fruita excursion, pit stop, to Monterery.

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