Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TwiceToddlers Napping...What a Sweet Sound...

My twins are so precious. They are even more precious when they are napping or down for bedtime. Even now at this age, Daddy and Mommy still like to peek into their room and watch them sleeping. Now, when they are infants, we would peek into their nursery to see if they were breathing, but now, it is just be see how precious they still look....sleeping..

While they are sleeping: there is no running around the house, no falling down, no running into each other, no crying because of boo boo's (from running into each other), no fighting with each other, no crying, no this and no that. It is a sweet, sweet sound in Mommy's ears (taken from the song "I love you Lord and I lift my voice" (not in a mocking way mind you). It will be sad when the nap time routine is no longer needed. Well, since I am Mommy, I guess I get to decide when the naps will end.

I better go into their room and take some photos before they wake up...

God Bless Twice Toddlers and Nap time..

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