Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TwiceToddlers Reading Picture Books

My twins have these picture books they received from they baby doctor on their 2nd birthday. These books are usually kept in my truck so they have something to read or look at. Well, I have their toddler Bible and a book for colors and seasosns, from Nana, in the truck as well.

This book though shows pictures of a kitty, fruit, a coat, a goat, a boy and other items. Well, my twins took these books out of the truck today, after daycare, and Twin "B" sat down on the carpet in their bedroom and began "reading" the book to her sister, Twin "A". She began by saying,"Once upon a time..." and then pointed to the purple grapes, purple bicycle, then turned the page to say there was a pink flower and a girl wearing a pink dress. Whenever she did not know what something was, or what color it was, Twin "B" looked to Mommy for help.

Oh, I just love how my twins minds work. Sometimese, I have no idea where they learn certain words or phrases like "Once upon a time...." I do not think I have every read them anything to do with this phrase before. I am assuming they pick this stuff up from daycare.

After Twin "B" "read" to Twin "A", Twin "A" went to go get her book to read to her sister. Well, Twin "B" would not let Twin "A" read her book as she kept talking and pointing to the pictures. This made Twin "A" mad and annoyed. Twin "B" tends to do this a lot.

Anyway, it was naptime, so they both had to go to bed. They are finally sleeping right now.

Praise God for naptime...and daycare....

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