Saturday, November 14, 2009

TwiceToddlers Chit Chatting

My twins, also known as TwiceToddlers, have the cutest, at times, conversations. Right now, I was listening to them, before they began fighting, talking about their 'boyfriends' in preschool.

Yes, my twins have three little boys they like in preschool. I am in one room and I hear them chit chatting about their boyfriends meeting their barbie dolls, Cinderella and Ariel. These are their bath time Disney dolls. Yes, they were taking a bath before one of my twins hit the other with the Disney barbie doll.

This is how my day always is. One twin hits the other and the only time they retreat, is when they are SLEEPIN!!

Anyway, it is the cutest thing hearing them bring their 'boyfriend's" names into their bath/playtime. Even if their bath time is cut short due to their everyday fighting.

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