Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TwiceToddler Twins and Our Gardener's

My twins love watching our gardener's. My twins never get to see our gardener's because they are in preschool, but today, being a holiday, my twins are running back and forth throughout my home, watching the gardener's blow the leaves away, trim our hedges and mow our front and backyard lawns.

Right now, my twins are running from the back of my home to the front and saying, "Hi and Bye" to the gardener's. It is so cute....

My twins are saying, "The noise is too loud! (leaf blower), but they still stand, watching the gardner blow the leaves away. My twins say, "The leaves are all gone, but Mommy says, "The leaves are still falling from the trees and we will have plenty to jump into next week or when we get a new gust of wind to blow them down".

Even now, more leaves are falling from our backyard tree. I am sure there will be plenty of leaves to jump into my the weekend.

My twins, they used to be afraid of the gardener's, now, they run from the front of our home, to the back, looking at the gardener's do their thing.

Silly TwiceToddlers..

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