Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers and The Scissor Incident

On November 30, my twins and Mommy were completing their homework. For almost every homework assignment, they are learning to cut with scissors. On this day, after completing their homework, Mommy had not put the scissors away as I was hoping to do some more things with scissors.
Well, my twins had, Twin "B", to be more specific, decided to play with the scissors and cut her hair. Before I realized what she had done, I just saw the scissors in her and her sister's hands.
Looking closer, I said to Twin "B", "Are those bangs?" Well, they were and they just looked adorable on her. I had planned, in the past, to actually cut short bangs for my twins, but thought they would curl up. Well, as it turns out, the bangs are not curling up at all. In fact, both my twins look just precious with bangs. The bangs keep their hair out of their face as well. I love the bangs and will have to continue cutting the bangs to keep them short.
My twins have a friend from Sunday School who has bangs and as soon as they saw how cute they looked in the mirror, they said, "M***** has bangs." And I said, "Yes, she does"
God Bless my precious twins with their knowledge, health, growth and energy.

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  1. Your blog is looking great and your girls are so sweet! :)