Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TwiceToddlers at their First School Play

A couple of weeks ago, my twins were in their first school play. It was a Christmas play called "A Disney Christmas". The play was real cute and had all the Disney characters in the beginning. Each student was dressed as a character. My twins were dressed as Tinkerbell. They looked just adorable with their costumes on and their hair in a bun, like Tink.

Now, this was my twins first play and they were non too happy. In fact, when they saw all the people in the audience, and could not see Mommy or Daddy, they began to cry. First, Twin "B" began to cry. They cutest thing is, while she was crying, she continued to do the motions with her teacher and classmates. I was laughing and sad for her at the same time. It was just precious.

At the end of the play, Twin "A" began to cry. I think this is because she saw Mommy and wanted to come down to me. Again, it was just precious, seeing only my twins crying because they did not like all the people watching them and then not being able to go see Mommy and Daddy.

Here is a small video of their first stage apearance. Actually, this is just sweet Twin "B" being the little trouper that she is. I could not get any video of Twin "A". In fact, Twin "A" was comforting Twin "B" since she was standing next to her.

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